The Heartache Of Having Feelings For Your Casual Fling

Wow…so spot on.

Thought Catalog

shutterstock/Volt CollectionShutterstock/Volt Collection

I shouldn’t have answered the phone two weeks ago when you called me late at night. I was lying on the couch after a mediocre first date watching “Call The Midwife” in my pajamas when you asked if I wanted to hang out. Yes, of course I want to hang out. We’re caaaasual. Late night calls are what we do and you are a pleasure to be around during the brief conversations that occur before and after the kissing. I change into less ratty pajamas and make sure my messy bun looks a bit messier. Mascara, lipstick – I was just lazing around like this I swear. And in you walk with a 6-pack of very good beer and a new haircut that I tell you makes you look like a hot Macklemore. You’re offended. “HOT. A hot Macklemore,” I assure you, taking two beers out before putting…

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