Snow Globes & Commutes

Snow Globes & Commutes

Nearly 8:00 am, slick drive, blistering walk.
I can feel my hairspray
Dampen as I trudge along.

Along the snowy sidewalks.
Most of my students will
Not be gracing me today
With their presence.

The grass appears as if
It had bleach spilled
Upon its wispy layers.
Not long ago,
It was being trimmed with
The sheers beneath
The university’s mower.

I clutch my coffee tumbler
For warmth and energy.
Almost to my building
Snow whipping like a
Bride’s mane during a

I follow a girl with ribbons
Gossiping and snickering
On her phone.
She pulls off her gloves
As we walk into my classroom.

I wonder if she is speaking of me
As I turn on the lights
High and bright
And look at my schedule for
The day.
My agenda reminds me of
My cut and color at


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