Perpetual State of Merriment

This is the first year that I have ever worked in retail, so I am bracing myself for this week’s seasonal changes. I have heard it said that as soon as Halloween passes, the Merry Merchandise begins to pour in. I am a huge fan of year round merriment, but I especially love the merriment that surrounds the Christmas season. I am already drinking out of my plaid mug this morning and have turned on the Bing Crosby. (Cheers!) With all of this said, I am dreading the white snowflakes. Living in Michigan is a terrible feat for me. I love the idea of snow, but I am so fearful of falling in it. Worse than falling into snow is the entire concept of ice itself. Ice is pertinent in cocktail making, but I dread walking on it. It is inevitable when you live in the Mitten. The entire state is a frosty wonderland for an excessive amount of weeks. White Christmas should be a grand finale. With maybe a few light sprinkles as an encore on The Eve of the New Year. I have a snowflake preference as well. Only the glittery snow constitutes as pretty, any other flakes can move along to the North and to the West. My goal this year is to soak up all of the Christmas spirit that I can possibly manage. My hope in doing this is to be so uncontrollably merry that I cannot even be upset by the copious amounts of snowfall that will occur. After Christmas and New Year have passed, I can then retain my high-spirited attitude and continue to be in a perpetual state of Holiday congeniality. This is my plan for surviving the next few months. I will hibernate with a joyful heart as opposed to being a Scrooge about the snow globe effect. I am implementing plans for this goal as a favor to myself. I do not want to cheat myself out of all of the wonderful aspects of this season. I deserve to enjoy walking in a winter wonderland. Now, off to finish my coffee and order some cute boots with impeccable traction.

“From now on our troubles will be miles away…”


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